Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Charlie Munger at Caltech

This video is from a 2008 DuBridge lecture. More Munger.

I'm surprised he didn't get into any trouble for his comments at 1:00 (one hour) into the talk. It's also worth listening to his perspective on derivatives and financial engineering as an end run around regulation and margin requirements at 1:17. He's pretty rough on social scientists and financiers in the early discussion.


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Anonymous said...

unrelated, but relevant to your interests.

check out mychances.net There, with some number crunching, you will be able to somewhat accurately gauge the different formulas used in college admissions for asains, whites, males, etc.

Dog of Justice said...

I just bought his almanack a week ago!

ziel said...

Interesting...being merely old provides you no immunity from stake burning, you also have to be preposterously rich. Had James Watson actually owned Cold Spring Harbor things might have turned out differently.

Dave Bacon said...

One of the funniest titles in the Pasadena Weekly (Tombrello was my undergrad advisor):

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