Friday, January 30, 2009

Creeping Facebook

Because of my age group my earliest Facebook friends were Silicon Valley types, or other U Oregon professors. Recently, though, all sorts of classmates from high school and college have started to appear. Many of these are people I thought I'd lost track of forever.

The discovery process is classic network-traversing: get a friend request from someone I haven't seen in 10 years, approve the request and then discover several friends of theirs that I want to connect with. It's all happening at a few per day rate at the moment.

Anyone who reads this blog and is on Facebook should friend me -- be sure to tell me how long you've been reading the blog, or how you found it :-)

LinkedIn is ok too !


Pneumatic Death said...

Okay... How do I identify you? I did a search for "Steven Hsu Oregon" and got two separate hits that had a description of "Oregon Faculty"

Steve Hsu said...

Hmm... try "stephen hsu oregon" -- there should be a picture of me holding my son.

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