Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hedge fund intelligence

It's a hedge fund universe: over a trillion dollars under management now by the largest US funds. Thanks to an intrepid correspondent for the data :-)

Hedge Fund Intelligence: As money continued to flow into alternatives last year, combined assets at the largest U.S. hedge funds finally crossed the trillion-dollar mark. The top three firms each exceeded $30 billion in assets for the first time, with JPMorgan Asset Management unseating Goldman Sachs Asset Management as the largest hedge fund platform, with $34 billion. Among the top tier, Renaissance Technologies joins the top 10 for the first time, and Cerberus Capital Management rejoins the list after a three-year hiatus.

The Absolute Return Billion Dollar Club, our biannual survey of U.S. hedge funds, shows that 241 firms, each managing more than $1 billion, held a combined total of nearly $1.2 trillion as of January 1. That is about $215 billion more than the top 218 firms were managing this past summer and $347 billion more than the top 207 firms were running at the beginning of last year. And the huge increases came during a year when hedge fund closures, including that of $9.1 billion Amaranth Advisors, erased $35 billion from the market. (See "Poof! $35 billion gone from hedge funds," p14.)

I originally posted more information -- including a long list of >$4B funds, but was asked by Hedge Fund Intelligence to remove most of it.


epatt said...

hi, would you please send me the original posting (list of >4B funds). in particular, I am really interested in looking at who made the top 100 this year. thanks

Dave Bacon said...

"Renaissance Technologies joins the top 10"

I know someone who had a choice between (among others) (1) a tenure track job at MIT, (2) a full professorship in Europe, and (3) a job at Renaissance. I think if I had been faced with this situation, I'd go for (3), but he went for (2), (for all the right reasons, of course!) I must say (1) just doesn't look so great in comparison :)

Anonymous said...

I like the news, even know I have just read the news now, I became interested to know what is a Hedge fund and what it really means.

Delroy Chanel said...

Sounds bit interesting, hope this news had ruled at that time as well.

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