Sunday, January 28, 2007

Intellectual honesty? in the eye of the beholder

PrawfsBlawg, a blog written by a collective of law school professors, recently ran a post entitled Princeton, Berkeley and Asians, about the Jian Li discrimination lawsuit against Princeton and Affirmative Action (AA). It links to an earlier post here on the same topic.

Posts on PrawfsBlawg seem to get anywhere from zero to ten comments. But traffic soared after Instapundit linked to the AA post. Over 50 comments appeared overnight, most soundly critical of the original (pro-AA) discussion. The result? "The comments to this entry are closed" despite PrawfsBlawg's motto "Where Intellectual Honesty Has (Almost Always) Trumped Partisanship Since 2005" :-)


Anonymous said...

Why anyone would associate intellectual honesty with law professors (or lawyers of any stripe) is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Any issue that Glenn Reynolds touches is immediately tainted, of course. Get it?

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