Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hollywood Hill panel

When WIRED magazine calls, I can't resist. I'll be participating in a panel discussion on Internet censorship with some hollywood social activists next week. I was involved with Internet security and privacy issues during my SafeWeb days, even architecting an encrypted P2P packet rerouting system for defeating government censorship. At its peak our system was used over 5 million times per day, including by people in Iran and China! (Please don't ask me, or remind our investors, how much all that bandwidth cost.)

The event is in the Bel Air home of well-known producer Lawrence Bender (Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Kill Bill...). I hope I'll get the chance to pitch my screenplay idea :-)


Speakers: Jonathan Zittrain, Scott Moore, Jason Calacanis, Stephen Hsu, Jeff O'Brien


Anonymous said...

Your link seems to be broken (it leads to bloglines)

Steve Hsu said...

Thanks, Dave. I think it works now...

Seth said...

So ... ready with the movie pitch?

Steve Hsu said...

See here:

"Don't tell anyone, but I have an idea for a screenplay: imagine there is some Asperger-like kid who can immediately factor huge numbers in his head, and therefore break RSA (doesn't sound entirely implausible to me). Imagine what happens when governments find out he exists... (Or maybe there are many more like him, occupying a sea of cubicles at NSA, Fort Meade.) Sounds better than the premise for that new TV show, Numb3rs."

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