Saturday, December 17, 2005

Workplace discrimination

From a recent Gallup survey, as reported by the EEOC.

The Gallup data indicate that 15% of all workers perceived that they had been subjected to some sort of discriminatory or unfair treatment. When broken down into sub-groups, 31% of Asians surveyed reported incidents of discrimination, the largest percentage of any ethnic group, with African Americans constituting the second largest group at 26%.

This finding is probably only surprising to white Americans. Asian-Americans know very well that they are subject to stereotyping (albeit perhaps of the unconscious type) and often passed over for leadership roles. Thanks to Confucian values, they are also less likely to complain about it. You won't hear them complaining about being shortchanged by affirmative action, either.

Within the context of race filings, 82.5% of charges were brought by African Americans, with Asian/Pacific Islanders filing only 3% -- a sharp contrast with the 30% of Asians employees who responding to the Gallup survey that they perceived discrimination on-the-job.

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