Thursday, September 22, 2005

Complete New Yorker

OK, I'm not sure what kind of geek this makes me, but I just received my Complete New Yorker DVD set. 80 years of fiction, cartoons and essays on eight DVDs. Now, if I only had time to look at them...

The New Yorker was my first exposure to serious magazine writing (as opposed to Time magazine or US News, which my parents subscribed to). I discovered the odd copy at friends' houses or in waiting rooms. Later when I was at Harvard the eccentric composer who lived down the hall used to leave piles of old New Yorkers out for anyone who wanted them. Despite the timeless quality of some of the writing there is no way to store all of that paper. Now I have my own portable collection! I can't wait to see (e.g.) what was written during WWII or about the Kennedy assassination or civil rights... Will there be interesting profiles of von Neumann or Claude Shannon?

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Anonymous said...

And the cartoons are funny.

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