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Thursday, April 26, 2012

L'oeuvre des enfants

The iphone is our main method of preserving the flood of creative works generated by the kids :-)

The boy is starting to learn algebra at age 6. I wish I had had someone around to teach it to me. My dad the professor spent very little time on that sort of thing. I grew up like the Draper kids in Mad Men.


botti said...

You still turned out alright :)

Argos Van Buren said...

The internet was certainly much leaner for easily accessible technical topics in the late 90s early 00s when I was in school. Calculus would have been easy to learn as a kid if I knew about Silvanus P Thompson's - Calculus Made Easy  http://djm.cc/library/Calculus_Made_Easy_Thompson.pdf which is in the public domain.

Roy Christmann said...

where do you start?  any resources you're using? my 5 yr old just had her WPPSI, 145 IQ. I've already been talking to her about very basic concepts like substitution, such as knowing 6 +7 = 13, what is 7 + 7? she will count from 7; I'm trying to get her to think 7 = 6 + 1.

Ken Condon said...

Perhaps Prof. Hsu they will “get back” at you and become art majors…..Oh the humanities!

Dan Gonzalez said...

 If it's plural, then it should be "les ouvres des enfants"

dwbudd said...

Not necessarily.  The work of children can certainly be collective, n'est-ce pas?

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