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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daily Show catches linsanity

Sorry if this is a bit late. It's even funnier than the SNL video I linked to earlier.


Ene Dene said...

Lin is a big story in Europe too. Great player, I'm happy for him. He needs to reduce tourovers though.

Ken Condon said...

How do you spell fikkle?:

botti said...

Haha, classic.

brown_slacker said...

Assuming I didn't miss some attempt at irony (still somewhat fresh off the boat), it is spelled fickle. 

Ken Condon said...

Well at least you got my somewhat limited and lame attempt at a joke botti. I thought it was funny but I am easily humored. As I tried to say before -the NBA players will collapse on Lin. Kobe said so himself after their first encounter. Lin had a good entry into the league and he (Lin) knows that as well as anyone. He is in for a rough ride. 
Methinks though, he will make it.

botti said...

Oh, I was saying the Daily Show clip was classic (I hadn't seen your comment). I agree Lin will make it too.

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