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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Forever Young

I found these in my iPhoto collection :-)

Jogging near CERN. No goats were harmed.

With Robert Nozick, back in the day. All of my suits were hand me downs from my brother the management consultant.

Two physicists and a poet, Christmas dinner.

My brother visits the Society of Fellows.

Scene from a wedding, duly noted in the New York Times M&A section. Wellesley and HBS merge with Caltech, MIT and Sloan. (See Bobos in Paradise p.42 :-)

A meal by the Seine.

Les Deux Magots.

Sagres, Portugal. Once thought to be the end of the world :-)

Conil, Espana.

Future bomb boy using IBM XT "portable" to calculate some wavefunctions at 150 S. Chester, Pasadena.

Winter in Iowa -- our back yard.

Best viewed with Forever Young, Jay-Z and Alphaville. Photos and long term memory.

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