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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Map of science

This citation map of science (click for larger version) is from It shows the importance of basic sciences like physics and molecular biology. Applied fields still depend on advances in basic science.

Eigenfactor score is a PageRank-like algorithm, in which citations are links. See here for more.

Orange circles represent fields, with larger, darker circles indicating larger field size as measured by Eigenfactor score™. Blue arrows represent citation flow between fields. An arrow from field A to field B indicates citation traffic from A to B, with larger, darker arrows indicating higher citation volume.

The map was creating using our information flow method for mapping large networks. Using data from Thomson Scientific's 2004 Journal Citation Reports (JCR), we partitioned 6,128 journals connected by 6,434,916 citations into 88 modules. For visual simplicity, we show only the most important links, namely those that a random surfer traverses at least once in 5000 steps, and the modules that are connected by these links.

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