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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stata center, MIT

One of the things I often complain about is that doing fundamental physics is like trying to push a big rock -- it's very hard to tell whether you're having any effect or making any progress!

Here I am trying my luck with the Frank Gehry-designed Stata center at MIT, home of their Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).

A funny coincidence -- in the elevator I noticed a poster for a talk last Friday on blogging and tagging given by an old friend of mine from Berkeley!


DB said...

On the day this photo was taken, helicopters with giant eyeballs (cameras) were buzzing around MIT and the Harvard Bridge, filming , a movie about MIT students who learned to count cards and made millions in Vegas. Too bad we didn't bump into Kate Bosworth.

DB said...

Sorry a tag got lost. The movie is "21".

Anonymous said...

In the future, that building will be seen as a major eyesore, if it isn't already. May have seemed like a good idea at the time.

rosko said...

I was back there visiting not too long ago, and spent quite some time in the Stata Center. I think all the bright minds at MIT will appreciate the weirdness of the building, and who else will see it? I don't think it's visible form far off campus.

fCh said...
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fCh said...

I somehow agree with the "eyesore" comment. Gehry belongs to an overrated ilk that would have been funny had it not been so exp(e/a)nsive.

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