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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Trackback and arXiv

arXiv.org, the physics research archive, now allows trackback links to appear on article abstract pages. I often give talks on my research, and I thought it would be nice to use my blog and the trackback functionality to make it easy for readers of the papers to find the PDFs of the corresponding talks. The slides of a talk are sometimes easier to follow than the paper itself!

THERMAL GRAVITY, BLACK HOLES AND COSMOLOGICAL ENTROPY, B. Murray and S. Hsu, hep-th/0512033: Slides of Talk given as ITS seminar by B. Murray.

ENTANGLEMENT ENTROPY, BLACK HOLES AND HOLOGRAPHY, R. Buniy and S. Hsu hep-th/0510021: Slides of Talk given as ITS seminar by S. Hsu.

INSTABILITIES AND THE NULL ENERGY CONDITION, R. Buniy and S. Hsu, hep-th/0502203: Slides of Talk given at Johns Hopkins by S. Hsu.

Let's see if arXiv accepts these trackbacks... Oops, Blogger doesn't support trackback, and arXiv doesn't support manual trackback pings, so it doesn't work right now.


Steve said...

I found that I could get manual pings to work with arXiv when I used Simpletracks. Have a look here for a trackback that I set up this way.

Leucipo said...

or you can log into physcomments and use the "A comment from the author" first line, which cause the comment to be submitted to the arxiv for trackback.

steve said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

I tried Simpletracks (and some other manual trackback ping interfaces), but so far nothing on the arXiv abstract. I may try physcomments at some point.

Peter Woit said...

You might also want to consider saying something nice about string theory, and publicly disavowing any anti-string theory comments that may have appeared on your blog or under your name elsewhere. The powers-that-be on this issue at the arXiv seem to believe that skepticism about string theory is strong evidence of professional incompetence, and thus such views need to be censored.

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