Thursday, March 07, 2024

Stephen Grugett: Predicting the Future with Manifold Markets — Manifold #55


Stephen Grugett is the co-founder of Manifold Markets, the world's largest prediction market platform where people bet on politics, tech, sports, and more. 

Steve and Stephen discuss: 

0:00 Introduction 
0:52 Stephen Grugett’s background 
5:20 The genesis and mission of Manifold Markets 
11:25 The play money advantage: Legalities and user engagement 
20:47 Manifold’s user base and the power of calibration 
23:35 Simplifying prediction markets for broader engagement 
27:31 Revenue streams and future business directions 
30:46 Legal challenges in prediction markets 
31:47 Dating markets 
32:53 The Art of PR 
38:32 Global reach and community engagement 
39:27 The future of Manifold Markets and user predictions 
43:38 Life in the Bay Area; Tech, culture, and crazy stuff 

Manifold Markets:

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