Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making Oblivion

I just caught Oblivion on cable -- it's visually stunning. The Skytower or glass house was shot in a very interesting way, as shown in this video. If you like modern design and architecture you'll love this.


  1. Jim H1:03 PM

    ....but was it a *good* movie (ie- should I watch it?)

  2. I agree. It looks good, and isn't hopelessly stupid like 'Prometheus'.
    Prometheus is probably the best looking Sci-Fi movie of all time but that can't save it from its ludicrous plot and characterizations. We may not understand advanced technology but we do understand human behavior. People simply don't act like that. But without giving away the plot premises of Oblivion, let me just say the people in it act like people.
    Except for the gratuitous inclusion of Morgan Freeman as the leader of the last humans, most of Oblivion is quite plausible - for a 'far out' screenplay. The audience - like Fox Mulder wants to believe. And they will willingly believe, if there isn't some intrusive nonsense of plot or product placement. Morgan Freeman looks like a product placement casting - a black actor added only to attract a black audience. But otherwise it's a well made and stunning film.

  3. stevesailer3:59 AM

    It's like living in an Apple store.