Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flying robot jellyfish

Livescience: A new teeny-tiny robot flies through the air like a jellyfish swims. The jellyfish flier is a strange sight — it looks a little bit like a Chinese lantern that's developed a hankering for the open skies — but its unique design keeps it from tipping over without the use of sensors or external controls. 
That talent could make it handy for maneuvering in small spaces, said its inventor Leif Ristroph, a postdoctoral researcher at New York University. "What's cool is you can actually build these flying things yourself," Ristroph told LiveScience. "All the components I used to make this, they cost about $15 and they're available on hobby airplane websites." 
Ristroph, whose background is in physics, studied insect flight for his doctorate. Insects are intriguing to physicists and engineers, because of their flying abilities. Contrary to what might be expected, it's harder to engineer something tiny to fly than something big, Ristroph said. ...


  1. Hacienda12:00 PM

    Nice. Upward movement is caused by larger surface of bottom half of the wing against air surface.
    The larger bottom half of the wing is also the cause of vertical stability.
    And the rotory motor causes opposite wings to be perfect sync.

    Of course, easy in theory. The devil is in the details.

  2. Looks like it is tethered to a ground based battery.

  3. 6079_SmithW12:22 AM

    the sheeple cannot tell the difference between social norms and good and evil.

    rather than spend 100% of nih and other research budgets on the problem of aging let's spend less than 1% and fap to flying robot jellyfish.