Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dialog 2015

I'm at a fancy meeting with a bunch of money folk, tech entrepreneurs, and scientists. No, it's not Foo Camp, but might be similar ... don't know yet.

I doubt there will be an Illuminati / Dark Enlightenment initiation ceremony, but one can always hope ;-)
Dialog is an biannual 2-day thought retreat, gathering 150 global leaders to discuss how to change the world. Dialog was created in 2006 to bring together global leaders across industries to discuss some of the most pressing world issues, to provide an opportunity for cross-pollination & collaboration.

There are no speakers. No panels. All attendees participate in break-out facilitated discussions. And we limit the discussion to only 150 global leaders who can have an impact now and emerging leaders who can help implement the plans we develop.

There are no speeches, just many coordinated, moderated break-out discussions of 6-15 people. The agenda is determined by the attendees directly, based on their interests and needs.

Dialog is an invite-only retreat and we carefully curate all participants. Dialog is 100% off-the-record and not-for-attribution. Dialog is hosted by Auren Hoffman and Peter Thiel.


DK said...

In you don't mind: Who pays for your attendance of what sounds like a pretentious circle jerk? Like, is it on your vacation time from the job at MSU?

Fil Carvalho said...

So, what's going on in the world?

HomoSapiens said...

Networking is usually a sort of circle jerk. That it may have benefits other than the immediate satisfaction of the aforementioned act cannot be doubted

dxie48 said...

"it's not Foo Camp"

Anagram for the league L_AIGod

DK said...

The Paypal genius? I was just curious who pays for all of this enormous value. Can you answer the question?

Fil Carvalho said...

Thiel is a billionaire, if you didn't get it

BobSykes said...

You have knowingly and willingly associated yourself with criminals. You have disgraced yourself.

5371 said...

If you were a billionaire, you'd know everything too, just like them.

disqus_yeZNegncsV said...

I'm beginning to understand how you voted for Obama.

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